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19 okt 2021 om 4:03 Eten kwam sneller dan verwacht en was veel beter dan verwacht.
16 okt 2021 om 10:35 The delivery was after 2.5 half hours .. on Thuisbezorgd it’s showing the food is on the way for 2 hours.. called the restaurant 3 times and every time 15 min standard answer. Food was not good also .. we’ll never again order here
1 okt 2021 om 17:15 We actually were pretty underwhelmed with the both burgers. The American Psycho’s meat patties were really overcooked and dry. And the The Empire‘s fried egg was sooo salty it was actually un-edible. It could have been a great meal…
29 sep 2021 om 22:09 Helaas hebben wij de extra betaald (2 x) maar niet gekregen..
9 sep 2021 om 20:47 Nadat Thuisbezorgd de bestelling was 'vergeten' top service & snelheid gekregen van het restaurant. HEERLIJKE burgers, waarbij de vegan burgers niet van echt te onderscheiden zijn. Frites ook aan te raden (met parmezaan). Top, gaan we vaker doen.
5 sep 2021 om 23:51 There was no live tracking on the driver so I spent almost an hour waiting outside for the driver to arrive and once he had arrived there wasn't even a notification that he'd arrived or the food was about to be delivered which is quite frustrating
5 sep 2021 om 20:31 The burger was very tasty, but: I asked no pickles and it came with 3 pickles inside They said the delivery time was 59 minutes, but it took them almost two hours, I understand that on a Sunday it can be busier, but it would’ve been nice if you called
28 aug 2021 om 13:35 Thank you, always the best!
15 aug 2021 om 12:02 you guys are the best, thank you !
13 aug 2021 om 21:38 FUCIN AWESOME!!!
6 aug 2021 om 9:38 I did not receive my order even though I paid the driver never showed up.
31 jul 2021 om 20:37 Top burgers